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Wood Surround Aluminum Combination

From the exterior, these windows are created to appear as "old-style" wooden storm windows, but with the modern convenience of tilt-in, removable top and bottom sash inserts (glass and screens) for easy cleaning from the interior.  These modern windows meet most historical renovation standards.

Wood Surround Aluminum Combination: Standard Double Hung Standard Features:
  • Beveled stile and rail historical profile
  • Powder coat finish on all aluminum extrusions
  • Powder coat painted finish on all hardware
  • Charcoal aluminum screen
  • Wool pile weather stripping
  • Stabilizer bar
  • Solid wood frame (pre-primed with oil based primer)
  • 2 angled 3/8 diameter drain hole tubes in bottom rail
  • Standard 10 beveled edge on bottom of the wood frame
  • Installs just like a wood storm window


Our product is quite superior over any wood combination storm window on the market.  The following are the key features that set our wood combination storm window apart from any competitor:

  • Made from clear pine (no finger joints), results in longer lasting product.

  • Oil Base primer (everyone else uses water base).

  • The track and sash are made from aluminum (not vinyl vinyl will crack, warp and discolor from heat/sun).

  • The wood profile is an angle on the exterior to make it look like putty adds historical value.

  • The proportions of the wood stile and rails are made to match a old style wood storm window. 

  • The sashes glide like butter, because it rides on the aluminum track.

  • Weep holes to help drain water that builds up on the track, and prevents rot

  • Charcoal aluminum screen mesh is standard (everyone else uses fiberglass as the standard)

  • Optional:  Wood grille and circle top shapes

                Interior view bottom corner                                                  Exterior view top corner


Even Split / up to 99 United Inches

(United Inches = width + height)

QTY - (1-4) $577.99 Each

QTY - (5-9) $556.99 Each

QTY - (10+) $525.99 Each

For oriel split add $80.00 Each

Over 99 united inches add $10.00 per united inch 

*There is a size maximum on windows.  Please call with sizing for pricing.

Estimated Base installation price - subject to change once a field evaluation has been completed *Installation pricing is based on location in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  *Available to travel for installation services.

1st floor install - Starting @ $105.00 Each

2nd floor install - Starting @ $125.00 Each

3rd floor install - $ T B D  Each

*Hardware Additional Cost*

Thanks for viewing our wood combination storm window page.  We truly are, "Old Home Historical Specialist!"  If you have questions about a project you have please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to respond. 

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