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Exterior wood doors...                

Wood doors offer the most traditional look.  The architectural characteristics and feel of a well crafted wooden door sends an inviting message of warmth.  The substantial weight of a wooden door adds a sense of security and sturdiness to your home.  These doors may be painted or stained for natural warm  appearance.  Either standard or custom models, the wood door selection at A & A Millwork is almost unlimited.  Whether your home was built in 1905 or 2009 we are sure to have a style of door that will fit your desires.

Remember, your entry door is the first thing noticed when people come to your home.  It makes a statement and sets a tone for the rest of the house. 

At A & A Millwork, We have hundreds of styles, finishes and options that will make a grand entrance even more stunning. Maximize your resale value and curb appeal right up front by completing the decor of your entryway with an elegant door lockset or accessory. Or complement the decor of any room with beautiful interior door hardware and door knobs. We have exterior door ideas at prices to fit almost any budget.  Our installation services are performed by employees (not sub-contractors) and you are sure to receive the best quality and craftsmanship available on the market!

Custom Capabilities...Have a custom size?  No problem!  A & A Millwork or one of our fine door vendors can custom manufacture a door for you.  We have many custom capabilities such as, any size, any species, and many glass options. 

We are dealers of a very exclusive door brand, MAI doors.  This fine door line supplies doors .

The MAI brand features elegant wood doors and entrances for the home.  Each collection is very unique typically being available in a specific wood per collection.  Please feel free to browse www.maidoors.com website for more info and styles available.



Lemieux offers a full range of Stile & Rail Doors with a wide variety of panel configurations. Lemieux’s interior doors are engineered for long-lasting performance, with split-proof panels and mortise & tenon construction. Whether warm Douglas fir or show stopping cherry, Lemieux doors gracefully enhance any décor.


One look at our doors and you can tell handcrafted quality workmanship is the hallmark of Rogue Valley Door. Rogue Valley Doors are solid, distinctive, and carefully crafted. Customize a design to your liking or choose from a variety of softwoods, hardwoods, and MDF treatments in traditional and contemporary styles.

The people at Buffelen Woodworking have been making doors to fit any opening since 1913.  Buffelen is manufacturing company built on traditional values that is reinventing itself everyday with state of the art equipment and capabilities to serve the marketplace for the next 100 years.

Distinctive hardware for fine homes


Pre-hanging options...

If you need a pre-hung unit you have two options:

  1. We can order a door pre-hung from the factory, which will include a modern metal adjustable sill, (The sill is what you walk on when entering the house).  Jamb wood type, jamb size, hinge, and brick mold options are available.
  2. Or you can order in a door only from one of our fine door vendors, and we can pre-hang it the "old way".  This would include a 1-5/8" thick white oak sill (with the horns), loose red oak threshold (this would be custom fit and fastened down to the sill during installation).  This style of pre-hanging is typically found in a pre-1950's house.  If you own a house of that era, we would strongly recommend to have it pre-hung how it originally was.  The opening is designed to have this type of sill sit on top of the rim joist.  If you use a modern metal adjustable sill in an older house, the sill area would have to be modified, by adding a sub-sill.  A sub-sill, with an adjustable metal sill on top of it could cause the following: water leakage into your house, a bounce when you walk over it, and a noise (creaky) when you walk over it.  Note:  modern home door openings are not built to accept an old style sill.  We typically will use clear pine for the jamb wood type, although there are other wood types available.

Radius top doors...

We manufacture radius top doors.  We will need complete specs, drawing, and details.  Please fax it to 612-721-2602. 

Historical Renovation...

If you have a door you are trying to match (i.e. sticking, panel layout, panel cut), A & A Millwork has the capabilities to custom manufacture it.  Please have a picture or drawing, and specs for a quote.  Please fax it to 612-721-2602.




1. Are you going to paint and/or stain door

2. Are you going to paint and/or stain jamb

3. What type of wood

4. How much glass

5. What type of glass

6. Raised or flat panel

7. How many panels

8. Pre-hung or door only

9. Exterior trim type (reuse or new)

10. Storm door style

11. Does the door fit the architectural style

12. What type of hardware

13. Hardware color

14. Who will be installing

 Thanks for vieweing our wood storm and screen window page.  We truely are, "Old Home Specialist!"  If you have questions about a project you have please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to respond.  Contast us by EMAIL:  mark@aamillwork.com or call our office at 612.721.1111